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World Views

Multi-religious and ideological diversity with bright and dark sides

World Views - Religious and ideological diversity has become unclear in society. In addition to large and well-known groups, new groups appear almost daily on the religious market square. We meet Christian special groups (so-called "sects"), new revelations, new religions, esotericism, alternative life consultation, psycho groups, occultism, Satanism or atheistic world declarations. They all offer different interpretations of the world. The Protestant Church is called upon to deal with them, because people of most different social and ideological origins approach them with questions and requests for advice: They need an assessment from a Christian-theological perspective or need help due to stressful experiences with destructive religiosity, in dependencies or radicalizations.

In Acts 17 of the New Testament it is written how Paul answered the questions of society on the multi-religious marketplace in Athens. Christians are called to be "prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have" (1 Peter 3:15). 

We want to advise, help and support from a Christian-theological perspective.

Advice on different worldviews

In principle, we affirm religious and ideological pluralism. All people in our society are free to choose their religion or belief. But there are also problematic providers and those who abuse religion or belief and instead lead to freedom in dependencies.
We are there for people from the area of the two  Protestant churches, and offer specialized consultation, pastoral company or information about ideological groups. In this context, we address ourselves above all to pastors, teachers, those responsible for children's and youth work, administrative and secretarial staff, the press and public institutions. We are also contacted by individuals.
Information on different religious groups


We offer information on different religious groups. We advise in individual cases and offer pastoral care, if necessary referral to specialist offices (e.g. in a psychotherapeutic or legal context) and strive for orientation from a Christian-theological perspective.

However, we are not a therapeutic institution. In the pastoral accompaniment of individual cases, networking plays an important role, because a multi-professional perspective is often indispensable in this area. In addition, there is an ecumenical working group with regional honorary members who can be referred if necessary and who can be contacted locally within the scope of their possibilities. Lectures and networking throughout the EKD are just as much a part of the work of the unit world views as offering training events.


Pastor Oliver Koch Worldview and New Religious Movements
Tel.: +49 69 976518-42

Ritva Prinz Administration churches, religions and world views
Tel.: +49 69 976518-21