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Religions - interreligious dialogue

Many people who belong to different religions now live in Germany. The changing religious landscape in our country challenges Christians to concern themselves both with their own and with the religious identity of people of other religions. A peaceful coexistence is only possible where members of different religions live together and not only side by side. 

Interreligious dialogue

Exchange and dialogue at all levels are further prerequisites. Worldwide, political and social conflicts of all kinds are increasingly being legitimized or instrumentalized by religion. This makes interreligious dialogue even more urgent and necessary. To enter into dialogue and to remain in dialogue - this promotes peaceful coexistence.

In the area of interreligious dialogue two focal points are represented in the Ecumenical Centre: the dialogue with Judaism and the dialogue with Islam.
In addition, we are happy to assist in establishing contacts with persons and institutions who can provide qualified information on other religious communities


Andreas Goetze Interreligious Affairs – Islam
Tel.: +49 69 976518-69

Pastor Dr. Peter Noss Interreligious Affairs – Judaism and Near East
Tel.: +49 69 976518-22

Ritva Prinz Administration churches, religions and world views
Tel.: +49 69 976518-21