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Sustainable development and justice

On these pages you will learn

  • how Brot für die Welt, Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe and Hoffnung für Osteuropa are working for the preservation of natural resources, poverty reduction and social justice;
  • how global learning can help to better understand the interrelationships between sustainable development and justice, and how it can provide skills for fair and peaceful coexistence in a globalised world;
  • how your own development education projects can be financially supported by the Church Development Service/ABP.

Our services - Workshops, advise and campaigns

We offer information, seminars, workshops and lectures.

We advise and support you in carrying out your own projects and provide you with exhibitions and didactic materials.

We support campaigns, actions and groups that work for our distant neighbors and help them to help themselves.

Our conviction - sustainable development and global justice belong directly together

For us, sustainable development and global justice belong directly together.

Climate change and the progressive destruction of our environment affect all human beings. But those who suffer the most from the consequences are those who are least responsible: People in the Global South, people who are economically incapable of mitigating the consequences, people who receive little or no government support.

It is a fatal cycle of poverty, destroyed livelihoods, social grievances, conflicts, human rights violations, forced by world trade structures, political power relations and the overuse of resources.  In order to enable a dignified life for all, today and in the future, we must change much of how we run our economies and consume. It is about nothing less than a social, economic and ecological transformation, about the development of a "culture of sustainability" that "leaves no one behind", as the United Nations has set out in its Agenda 2030 with its 17 goals for sustainable development.

We take up these issues and challenges in our educational and advisory work and support campaigns, actions and projects that are politically or practically moving towards justice, peace and the integrity of creation.


Simone Arians Administration Bread for the World
Tel.: +49 69 976518-35

Claudia Hadj Said Public Relations Bread for the World
Tel.: +49 69 976518-25

Brigitte Molter Bread for the World and Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe
Tel.: +49 69 976518-90

Martina Schreiber Administration Peace, Global Learning, Church Development Service, Partnership Europe and SA
Tel.: +49 69 976518-53

Sabine Striether Global Learning
Tel.: +49 69 976518-52

Tzehaie Semere Church Development Service, ABP
Tel.: +49 69 976518-36