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Churches and international congregations

The Christian landscape has pluralized in recent decades - not only in a globally networked hotspot like the Rhine-Main area. This applies confessionally as well as culturally: Besides the classical churches in our country (Protestant, Roman Catholic and since the 19th century also the Protestant free churches), today we encounter a great confessional diversity of Christian churches - for instance those of Orthodox and Ancient Oriental provenance, to name just two examples. The cultural diversity of Christianity can also be seen in the numerous international congregations, the so-called "congregations of other languages and origins" (GaSH).

In the units "interdenominational dialogue" and "congregations of other languages and origins" we provide expertise on the various churches and confessions, especially in view of their cultural diversity, and cultivate ecumenical relations with them as expressions of the unity of the church.


Pastor Dr. Jörg Bickelhaupt Interdenominational Affairs
Tel.: +49 69 976518-23

Pastor Joachim Bundschuh International Congregations
Tel.: +49 69 976518-55

Ritva Prinz Administration churches, religions and world views
Tel.: +49 69 976518-21