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Intercultural learning

Diversity shapes our public, private and professional lives as well as our relationships in an international context. For almost everything in daily life we need intercultural or diversity competence. However, this competence is not self-evident and dealing with plurality can also lead to insecurity, irritation and misunderstandings. Against this background, we offer several opportunities for intercultural learning for your full-time and voluntary activities.

Trainings, seminars and advanced training on intercultural topics

We design and conduct trainings, seminars and advanced training courses. The reflection of experiences made and the mediation of theoretical models always take place interactively.
We support you in developing and moderating your own thematic workshops. These workshops can take place in the rooms of our centre or on your premises. Possible topics are: Intercultural communication, dealing with stereotypes and prejudices, racism and discrimination, irritations and conflicts, culture and diversity. 

If you work pedagogically, we will be happy to develop adequate concepts with you, e.g. for school or confirmation classes.

You are also welcome to contact us for processes of opening up to diversity in your teams, communities and institutions. We will accompany you professionally, practically and process-oriented.


Paola Fabbri Lipsch Intercultural and diversity education
Tel.: +49 69 976518-66

Annette Wiech Administration Development and Partnership, ABP
Tel.: +49 69 976518-31