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Flight and migration

Flight and migration - People are fleeing all over the world. These migratory movements require reactions to fundamental political, economic, social and ecological conditions. The challenges posed by flight and migration require answers to questions such as:

  • Why do people leave their home countries?
  • What needs and perspectives are associated with this?
  • Where can the fight against the causes of flight begin and how can it become effective?

This also includes taking a critical look at the challenges of an immigration country and a migration society:

  • How do we deal with prejudices?
  • How do we deal with racism and right-wing populism?
  • What makes us fit for diversity?

The speakers of the Ecumenical Centre deal in many ways with the interreligious, intercultural, peace-ethical and development-political dimensions of these questions. They have developed various offers with which they want to support the work at local level. This is done with workshops, training and offers for confirmation and school lessons, for honorary and full-time staff, for institutions and associations. The speakers also design events that are individually tailored to your needs.